This Is Planet Grot

by Ashley Reaks

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If you like classic, old-school influenced punk, This Is Planet Grot is the album for you! If you like musical freedom and real honest gritty art, Ashley Reaks is your man!

Ashley Reaks just dropped a punk album that is one not of your average sheit, but one full of actually high grade quality stuff. Rawness with untamed guitar and Ashley proving to be a in-the-know for some very catchy hooks and even manages to insert actual prettiness without losing the punk attitude. He is a man on fire, buzzing with words and knowledge of great riffs providing a really great refreshing take on punk. Wake up people! Punk has just been resurrected and is out on a possible rampage!


released August 22, 2016

Ashley Reaks - Vocals, guitars, bass...
Dan Mizen - Drums

Recorded and mixed by Dan Mizen at Active Audio Studios, Harrogate, UK.
All songs written by Ashley Reaks
Artwork by Ashley Reaks



all rights reserved


Ashley Reaks London, UK

Genre-hopping musician and collage artist.

"an incomparable talent and a true original, a man who often borders on genius" - Louder Than War (UK)

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Track Name: This Is Planet Grot
School children fighting in a school burned-down
Everybody lives on the wrong side of town
Housewife gagging for a dirty shag
Her husband's not got enough money for a porn mag

This is Planet Grot
This is not a lot
This is just a doss
This is Planet Grot

Lads walking streets looking well hard
Middle-aged women playing bingo cards
Helpless derelict has-been old dear
So scared shitless - she doesn't want to live here

We ain't got nowhere to turn to
We got our backs against the wall
We ain't got nowhjere to turn to
We ain't got nothing at all
Track Name: I Am An Addict
Addicted to thrills and overkill
If there's trauma surrounding it - count me in
Addicted to spiel and nothing real
I live my life in black and white - extremities appeal

I am an addict
I am an addict
I am an addict
I am an addict

Addicted to dreams and drama queens
Pretty girls and pretty boys are never what they seem
Addicted to the dole and murdering my soul
I'm living like a carcass in a scum-infested hole
Track Name: Waiting For Something To Believe In
Broken dreams in broken homes
Broken hearts and broken bones
Little girls and little boys
Little white lies little choice
Never happy never free
Never-ending misery
Nowhere man nowhere to go

We are the lost inhabitants of Planet Grot
We are the lost inhabitants of not a lot
We are the lost inhabitants of Planet Grot
Waiting for something to believe in

Underground and under threat
Underpaid and under-dressed
Got no future got no hope
Got no money got no dope
Given up I've given in
Given up on everything
Nowhere man nowhere to go
Track Name: Nobody Here Is Alive
Strip away my soul my identity
Bind and gag me to your dictatorial theories
There ain't such a thing to me
Just a neurotic robotic out-of-phase body

Nobody has got a chance
No-one got a clue
Nobody that's living here
has got a thing to do
Everybody's desperate to just about survive
There ain't nobody happy here
Nobody here is alive

Feed me work me and a bedtime story
Warp my mind with your futuristic mentality
There ain't such a thing as me
I'm worthless and hopeless like the maggots inside of me

Brainwashed! Paranoid! Controlled android!
Track Name: Freaks Of The World Unite
This song is for…
All those whose life is a mess
Who feel they’re second best
All those freaked out by sex
And those who hate themselves

All those who wanna die
Who think of suicide
All those who don’t know why
This life has passed them by

The disillusioned and the weirdos and the geeks
The broken-hearted in this world
Whose life just seems to have them beat
Be proud of who you are and don’t give up the fight
All the freaks in the world unite

Stand up and fight!
All the freaks in the world unite

For all those who are living rough
And those who’ve had enough
For all those who’ve had no love
Who can’t see no God above

For all those who live in fear
For whom hope has disappeared
All those bringing up the rear
And those who know they’re weird

Don’t let the suckers get you down
Don’t let them win! No! No!
Don’t let the suckers get you down!
Track Name: Manipulator
Seven foot of attitude he's never fucking wrong
Hates me like a good man he won't be here long
Kicks my stupid face in and grinds it in the dirt
Gets a full erection when he kicks me where it hurts

He is the manipulator
Such a pretty thing fascist dictator
He is the manipulator
Total control over me

Leather-bound and deviant he pisses on my face
Mentally undressing me he wants my anal space
Spoon feeds me baby oil my arms and body tied
Brings himself to orgasm and fills me up inside

Yes Sir! No Sir! Three bags fucking full Sir!
Track Name: I've Got Everything (That Nobody Wants)
Going nowhere life's brought me to my knees
Not just the symptoms I got the whole disease

I've got everything that nobody wants
I've got everything that nobody needs
I've got everything that nobody wants
I've got everything that nobody needs

Great expectations they're going nowhere fast
Straight into oblivion these days are never gonna last

Now the race has been run and the day is done
Teenager dreams ripped at the seams
There ain't no yellow brick road that leads to the sun
Track Name: No Point At All
There's no point in Jesus no point in God
No point in religion no point in a job
There's no point in believing 'meet a girl and settle down'
No point in me living in this shitty little town
No point in me being here now it's all gone wrong

No point no point no point at all

There's no point in porn mags no point in dope
No point in expectations no point in hope
There's no point in having all the money in the world
No point having sex with that pretty little girl
No point in me being here now it's all gone wrong

I don't believe in a brand new future
I don't believe in history
I don't believe in the Virgin Birth me
I don't believe in you and me
Track Name: No Life
Stressed out burned out living off handouts
User abuser a pitiful waste
Jumped on stamped on not a leg to stand on
Thank you so much for spitting in my face

This is no life
I am a lowlife
Living no life
No life at all

Hunted affronted emotionally stunted
Spaced out chased out buried in the ground
Queasy uneasy I'm hyper-diseasy
Everybody join in kick me when I'm down

Get down down you son of a bitch
Down down you're never gonna be rich
Track Name: I Wish That I Was Dead
I haven't got a life speak of
In fact I haven't got a life at all
The only time I'm happy got a smile on my face
Is when my back's against the wall
My promises are all half-empty
Dreams dripping down the drain
Every single day it's the same old story
Again again again again again

I'm dead I'm dead I wish that I was dead right now

I haven't got a friend to speak of
In fact I haven't got a friend at all
The only time I'm happy is when I'm going down the dole office
Future heading for a fall
I'm hoping that I'll win the Lottery
But the money won't relieve the pain
Every single day it's the same old story
Again again again again again

I feel like I'm dying
Track Name: Running Away From Reality
Soul-sick Pied Piper
Guru to the weak and the unwell
Leads the deaf dumb and blind kids
Out of the sunshine straight into hell
The Manipulator sitting pretty in his bottomless pit
Turned on by his ego
Rubbing the noses of the desperate in their own shit

Don't you get lonely running away from reality
Don't you get confused when there's nobody left to use
Don't waste my time your paranoia's working overtime
Don't you get lonely running away from reality

You wanted to have a piece of me
My heart and soul my dignity
Fuck you and the lie that you're free
I don't believe in you
I believe in me